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You may be thinking, "Oh no.  Not another Christian website with one of those annoying denominational twists and with a hand out to ask for my money."  'Fraid not!  You are visiting a website committed to the explanation and  propagation of the eternal truths as found in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures and to the proclamation of a sound, exegetically derived, and thoroughly believable world view and theology.  And we will not ask for your money!  The prophet Amos describes a time when people will be seeking truth about the Creator, but will have difficulty finding it:  "Behold a time is coming," says Adonai Yahuwah, "when I will send a famine through the land. Not a famine for bread and a thirst for water, but from hearing the words of Yahuwah.  They will stagger from sea to sea, and from the north unto the east. They will wander around looking for the words of Yahuwah, but they will not find any" (Amos 8:11,12, my translation). If you are tired of all the nonsense the churches dish out and are hungry for truth but have a sense that the Christian churches are not where you will find it, then consider this website an oasis in the desert.  For a long time now there has been a famine of truth and a failure to clarify the message taught in the Scriptures.  But that time is now coming to an end. 

Attention has been given by many Christian denominations to distribute more and more Bibles so that this famine will be quenched.  But that is not what the prophet was talking about.  The "famine for the words of Yahuwah" is a reference to the far-reaching lack of understanding of the Bible in the Christian churches themselves.  He is speaking of our day when a sound understanding of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures will be rare and hard to find - like a famine - even in those churches which purport to be teaching these Scriptures.  Many are spiritually starving for Bible Truth and understanding of what the will of our Creator really is.  There are so many erroneous and conflicting messages emanating from Christian churches that is difficult to know what our Maker really expects of us.  Judging from the hypocrisy and the moral degradation found in the Christian churches, its a good bet that we won't find relief from the spiritual famine spoken of by Amos inside their doors.

However, when it is correctly interpreted and contextually understood, the message of the Hebrew and "Christian" (i.e. Greek New Testament) Scriptures can dramatically change your life and outlook for the better.  The goal of publishing this information is to unfold our Creator's good news and to display it in all its beauty.  Then we can offer you the same hope, meaning and purpose which the Creator has freely given to all those who will hear his voice, place their confidence in Him, and trust Him to obey His word.  Hope can be found in the realization of the truth that God knows the circumstances of my life (and yours) and wants to make my life (and yours) better.  Meaning can be found when we understand the truth that there is a logical reason for the way things are, and that God's plan to fix the many problems humans face, and to make planet earth the ideal habitat for humanity, is running right on schedule.  And purpose can be recognized when I discover the truth that God placed me in this world to be an important and significant participant in something which lasts forever.

Unlike their confusing interpretations, you will find in this publication an examination of the Hebraic roots of the faith-walk revealed in the Scriptures from a point of view which disregards popular Christian and Rabbinic interpretation and steers clear of points of view that are energized by money-grubbing men-pleasers.  Our purpose is to expose some of the erroneous traditions and teachings into which theologians and church fathers have led the Christian church, and to uncover some of the erroneous traditions and teachings into which the rabbis have led the congregations of Judaism.  In their place, we pass on insights into the biblical truths which the inspired prophets and writers of Scripture intended for their readers to understand.  But, because discovery of truth requires a difficult change in the way people think and conduct their lives, genuine truth is frequently shunned, and in its place, error laden tradition takes its hold.  However, we are convinced that anyone genuinely seeking truth with an open heart to believe and obey the truth can correctly read and interpret the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures for themselves.  This, coupled with an attitude of respect for the Author of the writings, a willingness to let go of human traditions and have one's lifestyle changed and a positive response to God's invitation to fellowship with Him, will result in a life-enhancing experience.

We hope that the reader of this website will gain helpful insights into the purposes and plan of Elohim (Hebrew for "Mighty One" usually translated "God") such that some will be convinced to say "Yes" to the wooing invitation of our loving Maker to place our confidence and trust in Him.  We also hope that those who already comprise the faith community, equipped with a corrected understanding of Elohim's Word (the Scriptures) and a more accurate knowledge of Elohim's plan, will become closely knit together by the Spirit of unity so that the work of proclaiming the "good news" may be more successfully accomplished.

Additionally, endless research, study and contemplation of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures (the Tanak or "Old Testament" and the Brit Chadashah or "New Testament") have gone into this work of sharing the truth of our Hebraic roots. Like many other "Christian" ministries, we could tease you and entice you with a slick sales pitch and a bread crumb or two, followed by offering pamphlets and study materials for a "donation" to fatten our coffers.  (They justify charging you for their gospel by insisting that they have a right to do so.  And besides, they have expenses!)  But Yahusha (a.k.a. "Jesus") told his disciples, "freely you have received, freely give" (Matthew 10:8).  We will not sell the gospel like they do.  We echo the conviction of heart Sha'ul (Paul) described, where he notes that "we are not like many, peddling the word of Elohim.  But as from sincerity, but as from Elohim, we speak in Messiah in the sight of Elohim" (2 Corinthians 2:17).

Hence, my open-handedness must be in accordance with the biblical example.  I only offer the following insights into the Truth from the Scriptures freely, from the heart.  I do not want your money.  I have nothing to sell you from this website.  The only cost to you is the price one pays for having a changed life through the power of Elohim (God).   I am interested in your feedback, though, and would be glad to answer your questions.  Please email questions and comments you may have to david "at" bibletruth "dot" cc (all one word, no spaces).  


These flags represent

ISrael and the United States of America - countries which house the 12 tribes of Israel.  The tribe of Yehudah has, in large part, returned to the land of Israel.  The ancient northern tribes of Israel, referred to as "Ephraim", and which are now thought to be "The Lost Tribes," can now essentially be found living in the USA (but also in Europe, and scattered throughout the earth).

May Judah and Ephraim stand side by side.  Some day they will be reunited according to the prophets, as Ephraim (believers in Messiah) rediscovers his Hebraic roots and inheritance in the Land of promise, in fulfillment of the Prophecies of Scripture


Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) is to be the capitol of the reunited House of Israel.  But today it is a city divided and in turmoil.  The Psalmist tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  We are friends of those who seek true shalom for Jerusalem.  But peace and freedom can only be realized under the terms of the Instructions which the giver of peace and freedom has given in His Word.  Thus we pray for and work toward the peace of Jerusalem.  And, we support the right of free people to protect themselves from all enemies of peace and freedom.

Also, in keeping with our love for Jerusalem, is our love for the one who will someday return Jerusalem to its former glory as in the days of King David.  Our chief creed of allegiance to the future king of Jerusalem may be summarized by the words of Devarim (Deuteronomy) 6:4.  This truth has wide reaching implications for our faith, our teachings and our worship practices.

dx'(a hwhy Wnyhel{a/ hwhy lae_r"f.yI [m;v.

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(But, in case you cannot read Hebrew, here is an English translation of Devarim [Deuteronomy] 6:4:)

Hear, Yisrael!  Yahuwah is our Elohim.  Yahuwah is one. 

Understanding of this brief, yet profound statement, has escaped nearly all Christian thinkers and theologians and is absent from most Christian creeds.  But, properly interpreted, this declaration puts to rest any argument against the singularity of our Maker.  He is One!  Any attempt to frame our Creator into a plurality is to misunderstand this fundamental point.  Yet this, the foundational underpinning of true Scriptural faith, goes on to describe devotion to the Mighty One: "You...

SHall love Yahuwah your Elohim with all your mind and with all your feelings and with all your might. These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your mind.  You shall repeat them to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up.  You shall bind them for a sign on your hand and they shall be as frontals between your eyes.  You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates."  (Devarim 6:5-8)

Accordingly, love for the Creator is demonstrated through obedience to his instructions (commandments).  And this obedience is something about which we should encourage one another constantly.  This obedience to our Creator is like a mark of allegiance on our hand and forehead.  The words which proceed from the mouth of Elohim should be on our lips, our houses and our gates.  Our keeping of the commandments identifies us as being sons and daughters of the Creator.  And by living in submission to Yahusha the Messiah and to His Instructions (the Torah), we find peace.

Those who submit themselves to our Maker and have a heart to obey all his Instructions to them will find understanding of the hidden mysteries.  The most sublime truth of all and the hidden message of the Scriptures is that which is found in the acrostic above: Yahuwah is Yahusha (see Romans 10:9).  Only those with ears to hear will understand this profound truth.

Notes on Scripture Citations and Naming Conventions:

Scriptures used throughout this website are a mishmash of citations from the New International Version, the King James Version, other popular translations, my own personal translation, or a mix of any of the above.  Sometimes I have taken the popular English Bible translations and have modified them with the correct Hebrew names or designations, or modified key words or phrases within those translations to more accurately render the meaning of the text.  In any case, I have taken liberty to correct popular translations where I deem them to be insufficient, and have usually made notes of this when I do it.

The names used in the website may at first scare or intimidate the reader who is not used to seeing or reading the Hebrew transliterations of the names in the Bible.  This may strike some visitors to this website as weird, and may even turn some people off to reading further.  But please don't let the names turn you away from perusing this website.  We are using the Hebrew names in the Bible for a very good reason.  These Hebrew names are the actual and real names of the people recorded and referenced in the Scriptures.  You see, most of the people in the Bible were Hebrew speaking people with Hebrew names.  The English names many of you are used to are only English substitute names.

The English language has only been around for six hundred, maybe seven hundred years.  But the Hebrew Scriptures with all the Hebrew names are the real and original names and have been in existence for several thousand years.  But because we are used to seeing the Anglicized names, we don't usually realize that those names common to us are not the real names of these people whom we read about in the Bible and talk about.  It is very useful, therefore, to refer to these people of the Bible by their original Hebrew names, because those are their real names!

Some of the more common Hebrew names you will see used by this website are as in the following chart:
Standard English Bible Name Actual Transliterated Hebrew Name - the Name We Use Notes on this Name
God Elohim means "mighty one"
LORD Yahuwah - hwhy means "the one who is" - For a detailed discussion on the name of Elohim, read About Elohim's Name
Jesus Yahusha - [vwhy means "Yahu saves" - for a discussion of the Messiah's real name, see About Messiah's Name.
Noah Noach means "rest"
Abraham Avraham means "father of a multitude"
Isaac Yitzchak means "laughter"
Jacob Ya'acov means "grasps the heel"
Judah Yehudah means "praise"
Joseph Yoseph means "may he add"
Moses Mosheh means "drawn (out of water)"
Enoch Hanoch means "dedicated"
Elijah Eliyahu means "God is Yahuwah"
Elisha Elisha means "God saves"
Isaiah Yeshayahu means "Yahu saves"
Jeremiah Yirmeyahu means "Yahu founded"(?)
Peter (Chephas) Kepha means "a stone"
Aaron Aharon older brother of Mosheh and first high priest
Lazarus Eleazar means "God helps"
Matthew Mattityahu disciple and apostle of Messiah
Saul (Paul) Sha'ul means "asked"

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